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Purely passionate about oregano

Our wild and 100% certified organic oregano is carefully harvested by hand and meticulously processed into the finest oil.

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Bottle of Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano Liquid Bottle of Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano Capsules

What makes us
incredibly unique

We use only the highest quality Origanum Minutiflorum, a rare wild Mediterranean species

Our oil is genuine, so the pristine chemistry of the plant is preserved

Sustainably and ethically wildcrafted by hand, sourced from trusted suppliers

All of our ingredients are 100% certified organic

Meticulous quality and lab testing that exceed industry standards

Winner of 20 Alive Awards, voted #1 immune product by retailers and consumers

Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano Liquid 30ml bottle

Not all oil of oregano is created equal

While there are many different brands of oregano oil, we think our approach to sourcing high-quality ingredients and meticulous production and testing puts us ahead of the competition.

Laboratory Tested
Certified Organic
Canadian Made
20 Years Experience

Wild about quality

Our company is 100% family-owned and based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC. We’ve been working with oregano for over 20 years and we’ve spared no expense to produce an exceptional Oil of Oregano that works fast when you need it the most.

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