About Joy of the Mountains

Oregano is derived from two Greek words: Óros – gános meaning “Joy of the Mountains.” Our name represents our passion for this magnificent and versatile plant.

Oregano is
all we do! 

We’ve spent years learning about the origins of oregano, the variety of species, and what it takes to get the best quality product for you. We believe we’ve created the highest quality Oil of Oregano to help you on your health journey.

How it started

We didn’t plan on being a supplement company. We never even really planned on being a business. We just loved oregano oil and told everyone we knew.

Joy of the Mountains started in 2000. And we’ve specialized in only Oil of Oregano the whole time. From humble beginnings, our brand gained recognition and soon our products were in stores across Canada. Our sole focus has been making the most effective product possible. For us, quality is everything.

Our organic journey

We had a small acreage that was organic certified. We planted over 10,000 oregano seeds of Mediterranean origin and enjoyed several years of cultivating and steam-distilling our own oregano oil for personal use. The sight, the smell, and the taste of it was a joy to us.

Eventually, we had the idea to find our own Mediterranean source of wild oregano oil and be the first Canadian-made product in health food stores.

The thought of doing something we loved that could help thousands of people was exciting.

From ours to yours

Joy of the Mountains remains a family-owned business based in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. We would like to thank the many stores who have supported us, and all of our loyal customers. Thanks to you, we are continually growing and helping more and more Canadians.

Oregano’s unique history

Wild oregano was an ancient medicine throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, and rumored to be the biblical “hyssop.”