A product you can count on

There is a wide range of quality and pricing among Oil of Oregano brands. The simple adage holds true: “You get what you pay for.” In light of the health risks we face today, spending a little more for a high-performing Oil of Oregano is a wise choice.

Joy of the MountainsMany other brands
Origanum MinutiflorumOriganum Vulgare
Meticulous quality assurances and testingMinimum quality assurances
Trusted sources carefully vetted and approvedLack of vendor transparency
Preserves original plant phytochemistryAdulteration a concern
High natural carvacrolCarvacrol may be artificially boosted


Joy of the Mountains is different from other companies.

Others sell a wide variety of products, including Oil of Oregano. We specialize in Oil of Oregano only.

This gives us a distinct advantage: all of our time, attention, and resources are dedicated to doing just this one thing.

Our sole focus is making the highest quality, most effective Oil of Oregano possible.

We spare no expense to create the very best.

Wild is better

Some Oil of Oregano brands use farmed oregano as a cost saving measure. Joy of the Mountains uses ethically wildcrafted oregano that is sustainably harvested from high altitudes in the Mediterranean. Oregano that grows wild in nature is subject to harsher conditions and develops a more robust, medicinally active chemistry in response to its environment.

A rare species of oregano

Most Oil of Oregano brands use a well-known species called Origanum vulgare that is less expensive and typically farmed. Joy of the Mountains uses a rare species called Origanum minutiflorum that contains the highest amounts of carvacrol of any oregano species (up to 90%). Origanum minutiflorum has an impressive reputation as a traditional medicine and is the subject of a growing body of scientific research. It is more difficult and expensive to obtain, and only grows wild.

Pristine phytochemistry

Carvacrol is often a focal point for comparison among brands when it comes to Oil of Oregano because it’s a key component. That being said, it’s not the ultimate measure of quality or effectiveness. There is something more fundamentally crucial: preserving the whole, naturally occurring phytochemistry of the plant. With our partners, we strive to create a genuine oil that is completely unaltered and retains the original phytochemistry that existed in the plants before harvest.

Why wild and organic matters

Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano is both wild and organic. Though it’s an additional cost, our wild oregano is inspected by Ecocert to confirm it grows in pristine wilderness and is free of contaminants and agricultural chemicals. Organic certification also scrutinizes every stage of the process. From field to facility, this gives our customers a higher assurance of quality compared to wild alone.

Going the extra mile

When it comes to quality assurance, most companies do the bare minimum to satisfy Health Canada’s requirements. We go way beyond with meticulous quality assurances and laboratory testing to ensure we’re producing the very best oil.

“Every bottle we sell is fresh, pure, free of contaminants, high in active ingredients, and works effectively.

Our products are certified organic in Canada by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS), and licensed by Health Canada as Natural Health Products (NHPs).

Did you know?

An independent laboratory study showed that Joy of the Mountains was up to 4x more effective than other popular Oil of Oregano brands against the H1N1 virus.

Recognized for our passion

Joy of the Mountains has received a total of 20 Gold Awards for Best Immune Product and Best Herbal Product at the Alive Retailer & Consumer Choice Awards (2006-present). The Alive Awards is our industry’s way of recognizing excellence for Canada’s Natural Health Products (NHPs).